Rabbi’s Reflections – Monday, September 14, 2020


Please pray:  This came in at 10am today (Monday).  Our dear friend, Carolyn Hyde, was in a serious car accident.   She’s experiencing stroke symptoms now.  As she was being taken in an ambulance to the hospital the ambulance itself was in another accident, further delaying urgent care.  These are all the details I have received.  Not sure where this happened,  probably somewhere in the Galilee.  I will include further updates when they are available.  Let’s all be diligent to hold her up in prayer.

“Daily Bread” announcement:  A few weeks ago, Lars Enarson was with us ministering at Shomair.  For many years now, he (along with his son, John) has published “Daily Bread” – A Messianic One-Year Bible Reading Journal.  5780 (last year) can be viewed here… https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hUscC1qA1u0q3hT3Qw-gmRgia-A5ZOxe/view and 5781 can be ordered when available here…  https://arielmedia.shop/  (watch for the pop-up).  This year it is not scheduled to be published until November due to delays resulting from the pandemic.

Now the RR for Sunday night… (when I should have sent out the RR for Monday).  Sunday night came and went without the RR going out.  I have an explanation… The day (Sunday) was full of ministry, congregational building cleaning (many turned out and we are so blessed) and the Song of Songs discipleship teaching (many turned out and we are so blessed).  Meanwhile, this RR went unwritten.  Let me teach you a new Hebrew word, “Chaval.”  It means “ what a terrible shame.”  

You might enjoy my message from Saturday morning on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/shomair.yisrael/videos/1239077279779924 ).  It sets up our high holiday season of repentance and forgiveness very nicely.  That’s it for Monday.  Now I’ll start writing for Tuesday which will come out tonight.  Blessings.  R. Michael.

Week 38
Memory Verse: Acts 2:42 They were devoting themselves to the teaching of the emissaries and to fellowship, to breaking bread and to prayers.

186   9/07      Monday:       Acts 2-3 

187   9/08      Tuesday:      Acts 4-5 

188   9/09      Wednesday: Acts 6 

189   9/10      Thursday:     Acts 7 

190   9/11       Friday:       Acts 8-9 

Question of the Day:  Did you read the two chapter?

Answer:  You answer the question.