Rabbi’s Reflections – Thursday, July 8, 2021


One more time…


On Thursday, July 8th, we will have the honor of hosting Shilo Ben Hod, along with his family and worship team from Israel.  Go to youtube.com and search for Shilo Ben Hod.  Seating is on a first come basis.  The doors will open at 6pm.  Pizza will be served at 6pm in the social hall with worship beginning at 6:30 in the sanctuary (no food or beverages in the sanctuary).  No reservations or tickets are required.  Just come and share in the goodness of God with us.  A love offering will be received.

We are also honored to host the Whittens this coming Shabbat.  On Shabbat, July 10th, George and Baht Rivka Whitten will be ministering at Shomair during our regular Shabbat morning service.  Search YouTube.com for “Baht Rivka Whitten,” Baht Rivka is Israeli and a powerhouse worshipper.  George will be ministering in the Word.  Please come prayed up and ready to experience the presence of the Lord.  


It was just a few days ago that I said this in the RR… “God never wastes anything.”  I want to write about the deeper meaning of that thought.  God is the creator of all things.  Think about His amazing creative power.  Go “micro” or go “macro.”  It doesn’t matter, God created it all, the living and the dead.  

On a “micro” level, God’s creative power made you and me.  What, you don’t feel small?  You are made from DNA.  God created DNA from elements and compounds (a lot of carbon and water).  He arranged billions of atoms (millions of matched pairs) all in right order to bring forth life!  And not just life, but life worth living.  A body that heals when it is cut.  A body with a mind that thinks creatively (in His image).  

And it’s not all about us.  God created insects (every one of them).  They are sometimes great in your lawn or garden and sometimes not so great, but they are never great in your house.  The point is that the world God created, works.  Earth is God’s terrarium and the sea is His aquarium.  

He put mankind in the earth with dominion over it, under His loving command.  But rebellion caused a separation that could only be healed by God through the sacrifice of His Son.  (There’s the start of a good Gospel message.)  

If we then look at the BIG picture, the “macro” scale, we see it works too.  Psalm 19:2(1) The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky shows His handiwork.  One question, (and this alone should make everyone a believer), “How did God know that He should make the moon exactly 1/400th the size of the sun and place it exactly 1/400th closer to the earth?”  This is the only way we can have a total lunar eclipse.  It is the lunar eclipse that has led to many scientific discoveries, but none of those discoveries are discoveries to God.  HE CREATED EVERYTHING, PERFECTLY.  

Lastly, God is the master efficiency expert (part of His perfection).  Nothing is wasted.  Ecclesiastes 3:1 For everything there is a season and a time for every activity under heaven.  Just one more verse will cap this study off… Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. Moreover, He has set eternity in their heart—yet without the possibility that humankind can ever discover the work that God has done from the beginning to the end.  We all stand in awe of His marvelous work.

Daily Bread, reading plan by Lars Enarson (https://www.thewatchman.org/)

Thu 8 July 2021 28th of Tamuz, 5781

Nu 33:50-34:15 Ez 22 1 Ch 3 (Lk 20:27-47) Php 3

In our reading of Ezekiel 22 today, Ezekiel is prophesying over the abominations of Israel.  It made me think about the abominations of America.  Ezekiel 22:26 Her kohanim have done violence to My Torah and have profaned My holy things; they have made no distinction between the holy and the profane, nor have they taught the difference between the unclean and the clean. They shut their eyes to My Shabbatot. So I am profaned among them.

God’s righteous standard for Israel may not be exactly the same righteous standard for America, but much of it is.  Let’s focus for a moment on what Christians like to call “the moral law.”  You know, about 9 (give or take) of the 10 Commandments.  

Rabbi Trail:  Is it really possible that God didn’t intend for only Israel (and not the rest of the world) to remember and defend the Sabbath Day to keep it holy?  Everyone likes the other 9 Commandments.  They are not just for Israel.  Only number 4 comes into question.  Oh well, enough of that.  End RT.

I’m going to close with one simple question.  Is it possible that God will not judge America for violating His righteous principles?  Reread Ezekiel 22 and put the land of America in place of the land of Israel.

Week 28
Memory Verse: Psalm 101:3 No base thing will I set before my eyes. Twisted behavior I hate— it will not cling to me. 4 A perverse heart will depart from me. I will know nothing evil.

136   7/5    Monday:        Esther 5-7 

137   7/6    Tuesday:       Esther 8-10

138   7/7    Wednesday:  Nehemiah 1-2

*139  7/8    Thursday:      Nehemiah 3-4

140   7/9    Friday:           Nehemiah 5-6

The question of the day:  What is the word for today?

Answer: Nehemiah 4:8b “Do not be afraid of them.”  Let this word from Nehemiah resonate with you today.  2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of timidity but of power and love and self-discipline.  The builders of Nehemiah were told not to fear, and at the same time they were told to remain armed and ready to fight.  That is the word to the people of God today.  Do not fear, but be ready to fight when called.  Listen for the sound of the Shofar and run to the battle.