Rabbi’s Reflections – Sunday, July 10, 2022
Shavuah Tov,

Protecting the Rising World Government by Dr. Raymond Finney

EXPLANATORY PREFACE: I had planned to write a RR about this topic, but I read an article on the topic written by Daymond Duck. I like Daymond’s insights, thoroughness, and up-to-date references. On May 28, 2022, Daymond’s article appeared in: https://www.raptureready.com/2022/05/28/protecting-the-rising-world-government-by-daymond-duck/ . I reproduce it, following, with permission and with trivial editing.

Stay vigilant! My purpose in discussing this topic is to again show that birth (labor) pains preceding The Messiah’s return are growing stronger and are occurring more frequently (1 Thessalonians 5:2-3): For you yourselves know very well that the Day of the Lord comes like a thief in the night. When they are saying, “Shalom and safety,” sudden destruction comes upon them like a woman having birth pains in the womb– there is no way they will escape.

Watch any organization incorporating such words in its name as “world, global, united, universal,” and the like. Are some of these organizations precursors of global organizations that will be used by the Unholy Trinity (the Antichrist)? The Unholy Trinity will establish one-world organizations to rule the masses. I believe Satan and his minions are at this moment setting up conditions for the future  Tribulation. Since we are not privy to the last-days’ timetable, we do not know how much longer it will be before the beginning of the Tribulation. If we correctly interpret Yeshua’s Parable of the Fig Tree (Matthew 24:32-35), the last generation is alive today and will not all die until the end begins.

This World Health Organization, to which Daymond refers, met in Switzerland in the latter part of May. The potential chicanery associated with the meeting is more important than the actual results. Surely, the one-world government of the Unholy Trinity is now being formed. Bits and pieces of this future government are revealed from time to time, but those leading us into this hellacious government are too smart to reveal the full plan at one time.

Do you remember the old tale about the way to boil a live frog? (Why would anyone want to boil a live frog?) Place frog in cold or tepid water and gradually apply heat. The water will eventually boil, and the frog will be cooked. The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water, which is brought to a slow boil, the frog will not perceive danger and will be cooked to death.

If dramatic changes are made suddenly to our society, we may sense danger and rebel. If the same changes are made gradually, we may not recognize them and we may accept the changes.

Concerning names: The WORLD Health Organization is an agency of the UNITED Nations.

The Tribulation likely will not occur overnight, as though a switch is thrown, but will ease into place over time. (Remember Yeshua’s “birth pains.” A pregnant woman does not experience a twinge of pain, and, then, a baby appears. Labor usually occurs slowly over many hours.) At first, the one-world government will be put together in a piecemeal, slow manner, but will later be formed at full speed, as we approach the Tribulation.

Again, be suspicious of any organization incorporating such names as “global, one-world, world, universal,” and so forth. Be suspicious any time– ANY TIME–  the United Nations is involved in anything. Next week, I will begin a series on plans that have been proposed to destroy America and replace our form of government (a constitutional republic– not a democracy) with a socialist or communist government. Such systems would replace our free market (“capitalistic”) economic system– which has been corrupted by socialistic and communistic inroads– with systems that have never worked wherever, whenever  attempted. Now, Daymond’s article follows. Raymond Finney

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WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION– Concerning world government: When the World Health Organization (WHO) meets at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland on May 22-28, 2022, to consider 13 U.S. proposed amendments to a treaty that was adopted in 2005 that will give the WHO global control of healthcare and partial sovereignty of every nation on earth, they will find that the Swiss government:

● Has erected security fences in the area;

● Has deployed about 5,000 military personnel;

● Has deployed thousands of police;

● Has declared a no-fly zone in the area; and

● Is keeping several jets in the air and squadrons of jets on the ground to enforce the no-fly zone during the meetings.

This is Switzerland’s largest deployment of forces in peacetime, and it is being done to protect the approximately 2,000 world leaders and experts that are gathering to vote on who will control every nation on earth soon.

Switzerland has gone all out to protect the rising world government.

Concerning the meeting, Jean Worland posted an article by Gary Randal Ministries dated May 20, 2022, titled, “Klaus Schwab: Globalism Will Bring Salvation.” According to the article, the WHO meeting is an “invitation-only” meeting of select globalist elites.


● “Contrary voices will not be tolerated.”

● “Anyone who sought to trivialize the event or hijack its key messages, including the often-mentioned ‘Great Reset,’ will be treated with contempt.”

● “There’s no place for the frivolous fringe that seeks to distract and divert attention.”

It is interesting that the only attendees at this meeting to take partial sovereignty over the world are hand-selected rich and powerful elites that will not oppose the globalist agenda.

It is an amazing reminder that the coming Ten Kings will be of one mind, and they will turn their power and military over to the Antichrist (Revelation 17:13).

Three of the Ten Kings will attempt to rebel, but the Antichrist will not tolerate it (Daniel 7:8).

Every detail of God’s Word is being fulfilled.

Blocking and silencing opposition is why:

● President Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter;

● Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules has been banned;

● President Biden tried to create a Disinformation Governance Board; and

● There will be a Mark of the Beast in the future.

On May 21, 2022, Roman Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano said: “Those that are trying to take over the world have immunity. [Why do they need immunity if they are not doing anything wrong? Why do they need immunity if mandated vaccinations work and there are no adverse reactions?] They cannot be tried or convicted if what they are doing is against the law. [More protection for the rising world government.] They are attempting to silence opposition to the Agenda 2030 plan that, among other things, ‘aims to accomplish the drastic reduction of medical and hospital services, the privatization of the health industry, and disease prevention by means of vaccines.’”

IT HAS BEEN REPORTED: On May 23, 2022, it was reported that:

● The WHO will discuss but not implement any sweeping changes this week (this doesn’t mean the WHO won’t implement changes six months from now or whenever);

● According to the WHO website, this week, the WHO will only discuss the process for revising the treaty;

● Member nations will be asked to recommend revisions to the treaty by September 30, 2022; and

● According to a leaked document, after September 30, 2022, the recommended revisions will be debated, hopefully adopted by May 2024, and put into effect one year later (May 2025) unless there is an agreement to do it sooner.

As this writer sees it, there is a difference between what the Biden Administration wants (lock in world government before the next election) and the WHO schedule.

IT HAS ALSO BEEN REPORTED: On May 24, 2022, LifeSiteNews reported that:

● Florida Governor DeSantis said, “There is no way we (Florida officials) will ever support this WHO thing… that’s not going to happen. No way.”

● Florida Senator Rubio said the amended treaty would “give control over American public health decisions to the corrupt WHO.”

● Montana Senator Steve Daines and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton sent a letter to the Biden administration urging them to withdraw the United States from the WHO.

AMERICAN DELEGATES: On May 24, 2022, LifeSiteNews posted this list of American delegates who are attending the WHO meeting:

● Gina Raimondo, Secretary of Commerce

● John F. Kerry, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

● Bill Keating, Democratic Congressman from Massachusetts

● Daniel Meuser, Republican Congressman from Pennsylvania

● Madeleine Dean, Democratic Congresswoman from Pennsylvania

● Ted Lieu, Democratic Congressman from California

● Ann Wagner, Republican Congresswoman from Missouri

● Christopher A. Coons, Democratic Senator from Delaware

● Darrell Issa, Republican Congressman from California

● Dean Phillips, Democratic Congressman from Minnesota

● Debra Fischer, Republican Senator from Nebraska

● Eric Holcomb, Republican Governor of Indiana

● Gregory W. Meeks, Democratic Congressman from New York

● John W. Hickenlooper, Democratic Senator from Colorado

● Larry Hogan, Republican Governor of Maryland

● Michael McCaul, Republican Congressman from Texas

● Pat Toomey, Republican Senator from Pennsylvania

● Patrick J. Leahy, Democratic Senator from Vermont

● Robert Menedez, Democratic Senator from New Jersey

● Roger F. Wicker, Republican Senator from Mississippi

● Seth Moulton, Democratic Congressman from Massachusetts

● Sheldon Whitehouse, Democratic Senator from Rhode Island

● Ted Deutch, Democratic Congressman from Florida

● Francis Suarez, Republican Mayor of Miami

● Al Gore, former Democratic VP of the United States.

Make no mistake about it– the Bible teaches that every nation on earth will be under an all-powerful satanic global government for seven years, and it is shaping up now (Revelation 13:3-8). Satan is behind it, and most of the church is doing nothing to oppose it.

For whatever it is worth, WEF head Klaus Schwab’s top assistant is Yuval Noah Harari, who recently said, “God is dead; it just takes a while to get rid of the body.”

Watch this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NODpRi1eTv0 .

MORE STORIES: Here are some more stories that recently made the news:

ONE– Concerning world government: On May 20, 2022, Dr. Peter McCullough told people attending a health conference in England, “What we’re seeing now is the utilization of vaccines as an inroad to global human compliance. Subjugation of the entire world’s population at the same time via the same method. Having our rights linked to the end of a hypodermic needle.”

McCullough said, “The next step in this process is the World Health Organization (WHO) global treaty that will bind countries into this type of totalitarian servitude.”

As I understand it, this world-renowned physician said globalists have made the rights found in the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and similar documents and laws dependent upon one’s vaccination status (no vaccination, no rights, no freedom to gather, no freedom to hold a job, etc.).

But what they have done is just their first step. They will soon seek global laws that will give them total control of everyone on earth.

TWO– Concerning the tracking of everyone: Several readers sent me links to videos of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla telling officials at the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting about Pfizer’s microchip pill.

Bourla said it “is basically a biological chip that is in the tablet. And once you take the tablet and it dissolves into your stomach, it sends a signal that you took the tablet. So, imagine the applications of that– the compliance.”

So, Pfizer has developed a pill with a chip in it and a sensor that can detect certain medicines, and the chip will send a signal to a scanner to verify that you have complied by taking the medicine.

People that take the Mark, get vaccinated, etc., can also be identified by taking a pill with a chip and sensor in it.

THREE– Concerning deceit: On May 18, 2022, it was reported that the Biden administration announced that the Disinformation Governance Board will be paused (not canceled) while it awaits a final decision from the Homeland Security Advisory Council.

Jonathan Van Maren (author, speaker, and pro-life activist) argued that the public should not trust a government’s determination of what is disinformation at the same time that the government is saying men are women.

GOOD POINT: People who don’t know the difference between a man and a woman shouldn’t be empowered to determine the accuracy of information (and they shouldn’t nominate a woman to the U.S. Supreme Court who doesn’t know what a woman is).

FOUR– Concerning the Battle of Gog and Magog: On May 18, 2022, it was announced that Israel will increase its offshore pumping of natural gas at existing wells to supply slightly more gas to the EU, and it will start developing new fields to try to double its supply of natural gas in the next two years.

This increase will start off slowly, but Israel could start exporting natural gas to the EU before this coming winter by using an existing pipeline to Egypt that is already being expanded. Israel’s exports will gradually grow in the coming months, and Russia will not like it.

(Note: On May 23, 2022, Amir Tsarfati reported that the Israeli Mossad assassinated a colonel in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps [IRGC] in broad daylight in the heart of Tehran. The colonel oversaw transfers of Iranian technology and equipment to the Hezbollah.)

FIVE– Concerning the coming hyper-inflation and economic collapse during the Tribulation Period: On May 20, 2022, it was reported that the price of gasoline hit a new record high nine days in a row. (It has gone up in price every day for nine straight days.)

The Biden administration doesn’t seem to care because they believe gasoline vehicles contribute to global warming, and they want to force people to drive less or buy electric vehicles.

(Note: On May 20, 2022, it was reported that the weekly average on the Dow Jones Industrial Market finished down for the eighth week in a row, and that is the longest streak of weekly losses since the Great Depression in 1932. Biden’s effort to deliberately tear down America and Build Back Better appears to be progressing.)

SIX– Concerning food shortages and famine: On May 22, 2022, it was reported that there are 22-million tons of grain in Ukraine storehouses that can’t be shipped because Russia is blocking Ukraine’s seaports.

According to the report, international experts say the Russian blockade will cause “extreme food shortages and even famine in at least 36 countries.”

Finally, are you Rapture Ready? If you want to be rapture ready and go to Heaven, you must be born again (John 3:3). God loves you, and if you have not done so, sincerely admit that you are a sinner; believe that [Yeshua] is the virgin-born, sinless Son of God who died for the sins of the world, was buried, and raised from the dead; ask Him to forgive your sins, cleanse you, come into your heart and be your Savior; then tell someone that you have done this.

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Until next Sunday, Shalom and Maranatha,

Daily Bread, reading plan by Lars Enarson (https://www.thewatchman.org/)
Sun 10-Jul-2022 11th of Tamuz, 5782
Nu 22:2-12 Ez 10 Ezr 8 (Lk 9:1-26) Eph 3