Rabbi’s Reflections – Sunday, March 27, 2022

Shavuah Tov,

Biblical Perspective of Current News – March, 2022 (partial month)

by Dr. Raymond Finney

EXPLANATION: I read many online newspaper, blog, and Website articles every month. Many of these articles have Biblical (prophetic) themes, proving God’s prophets wrote centuries ago what is happening today. After reading many reports, I often think to myself, “I understand now how a prophecy of Ezekiel, or Daniel, or John, or Yeshua, or … can be fulfilled.” All end-time puzzle pieces are rapidly falling into place! Maranatha! Furthermore, Adonai commands us to study: https://www.openbible.info/topics/studying_gods_word .

PROPOSAL: I wish to share with RR readers a very few current events that may foretell our future. I propose for the last Sunday of every month to issue a news-Bible correlation RR, similar to today’s RR. I will briefly summarize the news article, but I will also provide the URL (Internet address), if you wish to read the entire article. I hurriedly (at the last minute) compiled this sample RR. I will try to select news articles more carefully in subsequent months. Yes, this RR is lengthy. Skip over entries of no interest to you. (If you go to a restaurant buffet, do you eat generously from every dish set before you on the serving line?)

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: I discuss mainly future Tribulation events. Some televangelists teach we have entered the Tribulation, but I do not believe it. We may be close to this terrible time, but certain things must occur first. There is not  a Heavenly switch, which God will throw to start Day One of the Tribulation. The Bible presents an orderly sequence of things that must slowly occur first. Yeshua told us we must endure wars before the end, and He compared this time to labor pains. Be patient. Satan will have his day– and it may be soon, but it is not yet.

THANK YOU, RABBI WEINER, for allowing discussion of end-time events. Many congregational leaders will not permit such discussions because the congregants may be “frightened.”

FAILURE: I have failed in this, my initial attempt. I have only covered a few articles. There are so many relevant articles, but so little space to discuss them. If readers wish more of these correlations, I will need to think of a better format. Today’s RR may seem like a failure to you, but I think of it as a work in progress.

►TITLE (DATE): Messianic group… will target Ukrainian Jewish refugees (March 13, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): The Jerusalem Post

( https://www.jpost.com/christianworld/article-701143 )

● SUMMARY: Chosen People Ministries is a Messianic Jewish organization. Chosen People Ministries’ goal is to get people to believe in Yeshua, and will target Ukrainian Jewish refugees who arrive in the State of Israel. Orthodox Jewry opposes such activity, believing Israel should be reserved only for true Tanakh-following Jews and claiming Chosen People Ministries may be violating Israeli law.

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: Yeshua commanded that the Gospel should be spread to the entire world (Matthew 28:19-20). He also greatly loved the congregation patterned after the one at Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7-13) because the Philadelphians ministered to others in love and spread the Gospel.

►TITLE (DATE): Biden’s Values (March 13, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): Rapture Ready (Biden’s Values :: By Daymond Duck – Rapture Ready )

● SUMMARY: I have reprinted Daymond Duck’s essays before. In this essay, Daymond tries to analyze Biden’s values and how those values stack up with  Bible-based (Judeo-Christian) values.

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: The Bible informs us that God raises up or takes down a nation’s leaders. He may raise up a good leader as a reward (blessing), or a bad leader as a punishment (curse). Regardless of your political leanings, God gave you Joe Biden as your president. Will Biden prove to be God’s blessing or God’s curse? Does America deserve a Godly president? Have “those called by God’s name” in America humbled themselves, prayed, sought God’s face, and turned from their evil ways, as instructed in 2 Chronicles 7:14?

►TITLE (DATE): World War Z has begun and Putin’s REAL target is us– the Western way of life (March 12, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): The Sun

( https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/17929175/mark-almond-russia-west-war/ )

● SUMMARY: Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine has sparked a potential world war. If it spirals out of control– dragging in neighboring NATO  countries– World War III could be in the cards. Why World War “Z?” “Z,”  the call-sign painted on Russian tanks pouring into Ukraine, abbreviates the Russian term “Onward to Victory.”

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: This is another “wars and rumors of war” report.

►TITLE (DATE): New World Health Organization guidance calls for abortion to be fully decriminalized (March 11, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): Christian Post ( https://christianpost.com/news/new-who-guidance-calls-for-abortion-to-be-fully-decriminalized.html )

● SUMMARY: The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a 200-page document calling for the full decriminalization of abortion worldwide, which it describes as “lifesaving care.” (Would an aborted baby call an abortion “lifesaving?”) WHO condemns efforts by governments to restrict abortions.

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: As noted elsewhere in a comment about the United Nations, global organizations are obtaining much more influence. Legitimate governments are ceding authority to these unelected bodies. Power-hungry globalist organization proliferation is the beginning of the New World Order– the power base for the Unholy Trinity during the Tribulation.

►TITLE (DATE): Vladimir Putin: A talented politician or power-hungry narcissist? (March 11, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): ynet news ( https://www.ynet.com/article/r11vgldb5 )

● SUMMARY: Behind the Russian president’s tremendous wealth and power, there is a dark side filled with loneliness, alleged affairs, and desire for total domination, which is even more evident in wake of Russia’s offensive in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin is the most powerful, and maybe even richest, man in the world. How did he come to be who he is today?

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: Sun Tzu, legendary Chinese general, military genius, and author of The Art of War, said: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Most people in the West (including our leaders, I fear) know little about Vladimir Putin. This article may shed a little light on this evil monster.

NOTE: Another suggestion is that Putin suffers “’roid rage” (from chronic corticosteroid use for cancer or another medical condition). See: https://dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10606487/Is-Putin-suffering-roid-rage-Spies-suggest-bloated-appearance-drugs-effect.html .

►TITLE (DATE): Russian forces plan to fire on Belarus from Ukraine (March 11, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): The Jerusalem Post ( https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/article-700998 )

● SUMMARY: Russian forces plan to fire on Belarus from the territory of Ukraine in order to draw them into the war, warns the Ukranian Minister of Defense. The shelling may have commenced (Ukranian media). The purpose of this provocation is to force the current leadership of Belarus to go to war against Ukraine. Russia might use chemical weapons in Ukraine in a “false flag” attack to provide a retrospective justification for its invasion. Also see a probable “false flag” event from the Russia-captured ruins of the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: The Russian invasion of Ukraine has gone badly for Putin. Military analysts are surprised at the initial ineptness of the Russian military. Putin rages behind closed doors, as a cornered wild animal. His next moves are unpredictable. His irrational actions are reminiscent of those of Adolf Hitler trapped in his Berlin bunker at the end of World War II. Putin may resort to “false flag attacks,” such as this. Recently, he hastily called for a United Nations Security Council meeting to discuss in open debate what Russia calls “the military biological activities” of the United States in the territory of Ukraine. He is a war criminal, terrorizing civilians by attacking civilian targets (apartments, maternity hospitals, evacuation routes, etc.), using super weapons (vacuum bombs, etc.), and threatening to use nuclear weapons. Suppose Russia loses in Ukraine and retreats back home– and, suppose Putin manages to hold on to power. He would be humiliated on the world stage, which would be intolerable for this egomaniac. After quickly rebuilding military strength, he would  look for a chance to redeem himself. Suppose he receives a plea from a client state, say, Syria, an enemy of Israel. (Result? See Isaiah, chapter 17, and Jeremiah 49:23-27 for apparent nuclear destruction of Damascus.) Redemption would fall in his lap. The “hooks in Gog’s jaws” would be set (Ezekiel 38:4). The Battle of Gog and Magog would begin with a massive invasion of Israel (Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39). This scenario may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.

►TITLE (DATE): Is China turning on Russia? Beijing calls Putin’s Ukraine invasion a WAR for the first time and refuses to supply airline parts (March 11, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): The Daily Mail ( https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10602061/Beijing-calls-Putins-Ukraine-invasion-war-time-refuses-supply-airline-parts.html )

● SUMMARY: China has called Putin’s attack on Ukraine a “war” for the first time, marking a shift in Beijing’s tone. Beijing has also refused to supply Russian airlines with aircraft parts. Ukraine asked Beijing to use its connections and influence with Russia to put an end to the on-going attacks. Ukraine said China told them it “is interested in stopping this war,” raising hopes China could step in. Beijing is still steering clear of using the word “invasion” and has refused to condemn Russia’s military action.

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: This account is probably just “noise,” but China apparently is most displeased with Russia at this time. Never mind that China would like to invade and occupy Taiwan. Putin apparently stepped out of sequence for Xi Jinping’s plans. If you have watched movies about the Mafia, you have learned that evil strongmen have an unbreakable code about who can or cannot be “whacked.” Putin should have watched The Godfather trilogy. Russia plans on China overriding Western sanctions, but China may be having second thoughts. For an opinion why China may refuse to come to Russia’s rescue, see: https://fortune.com/2022/03/11/china-russia-sanctions-xi-jinping-putin-rescue-save/ .

►TITLE (DATE): Only 4 Percent of Christian Parents Have a Biblical Worldview,…: Children Are ‘Spiritually Disadvantaged’ (March 10, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): Christian Headlines ( Only 4 Percent of Christian Parents Have a Biblical Worldview, Poll Finds: Children Are ‘Spiritually Disadvantaged’ – Michael Foust (christianheadlines.com) )

● SUMMARY: Less than five percent of American parents who claim to be Christian possess a biblical worldview, new research out of Arizona Christian University found. The research also shows most parents today hold to a syncretistic belief system that blends multiple worldviews. (A “syncretistic” or blended worldview indicates beliefs are a mix of multiple worldviews where “no single life philosophy is dominant.” Often, self-contradictory worldviews result.)

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: Yeshua and other B’rit Chadashah prophets warned of apostasy at the time Yeshua returns. We are seeing lack of faith in all walks of life. Children are not being taught faith in the home.

►TITLE (DATE): Where will Putin strike next? The European countries fearing they could be Vladimir’s target after Ukraine, how he could impact them… and how they could stop him (March 10, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): The Daily Mail ( https://dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10597505/The-European-countries-fearing-Vladimirs-target-Ukraine.html)

● SUMMARY: Watching the brutal, unprovoked war Russia wages on Ukraine– and the war crimes Putin commits without emotion– European nations naturally wonder if they will be next. Moldova and Georgia are most vulnerable, but Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are at risk.

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: This is another “wars and rumors of wars” report. Ex-KGB thug Putin only understands and respects one thing– superior strength. The West’s superior strength has been checked by Russia’s massive nuclear arsenal, which is under control of a completely evil madman.

►TITLE (DATE): One thing evil Putin’s shown us is we need REAL Armed Forces (March 9, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): The Sun ( https://thesun.co.uk/news/17899708/vladimir-putin-russia-ukraine-armed-forces-rod-liddle/ )

● SUMMARY: There are not many things for which we should thank Vladimir Putin, awful stone-faced thug that he is. But we might be grateful that he has awakened us, at last. The author reiterates the lagging contributions of European Union nations to defense, which may now be changing because of fear of neighboring Russia.

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: European Union (EU) nations had fallen asleep, significantly underfunding defense obligations under the NATO treaty. Because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, that may be changing, now. While a better-funded NATO may sound good, it also means a stronger military for the EU. A major force for the Battle of Armageddon may be starting to be assembled. The Antichrist will lead a strong EU army into Israel to fight other strong armies, including the 200-million man army of the “Kings of the East.” The EU army had been underfunded, but Putin may unknowingly be providing the impetus to build up the future army of the Antichrist.

►TITLE (DATE): State Department official acknowledges Ukraine bio-labs (March 9, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): WorldNetDaily (State Department official acknowledges Ukraine bio-labs (wnd.com) )

● SUMMARY: In Senate committee testimony, Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland did not deny or confirm that Ukraine has chemical or biological weapons. She apparently surprised Senator Rubio and the panel by acknowledging Ukraine does have “biological research facilities” that are a source of concern amid the Russian invasion. Nuland added, “We are working with the Ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces should they approach.”

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: We have seen the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, likely released from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology. Many nations are working to perfect biological weapons of war. The Fourth Seal Judgment of the Tribulation (Revelation 6:7-8) will involve massive deaths by “plague and wild beasts of the earth.”

►TITLE (DATE): ‘Dirty Dozen List’ names 12 companies profiting off sexual exploitation (March 9, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): Christian Post (https://www.christianpost.com/news/dirty-dozen-list-12-companies-profiting-off-sexual-exploitation.html?page=1 )

● SUMMARY: The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) has released its annual Dirty Dozen list that documents how twelve entities are profiting from sexually exploitative practices. The list includes companies that NCOSE claims are “fueling sexual exploitation through their business practices, policies and products.”

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: Sexual exploitation and impurity will remain significant end-time problems. Until recently, a person needed to access sexually exploitative material in public (by entering a movie theater, visiting a magazine stand, etc.), and laws required the patron of such places to be at least eighteen years of age. Now, explicit material enters homes through computers and televisions and even children can view the material in their bedrooms.  Parents may want to check this list to ensure that minor children do not patronize these questionable sites.

►TITLE (DATE): New York City says antisemitic crime jumped 400% in February (March 9, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): The Times of Israel ( https://timesofisrael.com/new-york-city-says-antisemitic-crime-jumped-400-in-february/ )

● SUMMARY: Antisemitic hate crimes were up 400% last month in New York City, according to new data released by the New York Police Department. Many of these incidents targeted Orthodox people dressed in distinctive clothing. Swastikas were also painted on Jewish property. Could we be seeing the beginning of another Kristallnacht (Nazi Germany, 1938) on American soil?

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: Yeshua and other prophets told us to expect persecution and harmful activities against God’s people in the last days.

►TITLE (DATE): Biden Denounces Florida’s 15-Week Abortion Ban: ‘My Administration Will Not Stand’ for This (March 8, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): Christian Headlines ( Biden Denounces Florida’s 15-Week Abortion Ban: ‘My Administration Will Not Stand’ for This – Michael Foust (christianheadlines.com) )

● SUMMARY: President Biden says he opposes a high-profile Florida bill that would prohibit late-term abortions after 15 weeks’ gestation and ban a procedure pro-lifers call “barbaric.” V.P. Kamala Harris also criticized the bill, saying: “The right of women to make decisions about their own bodies is non-negotiable.”

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: In January, 2022, I summarized pro-life Scriptures. I will not repeat them. You know how you feel about abortion.

►TITLE (DATE): ‘We’re on the brink of a nuclear war,’ says Russia Today editor as she quits (March 8, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): Fox 5 in New YorkWorldNetDaily ( ‘We’re on the brink of a nuclear war,’ says Russia Today editor as she quits (wnd.com) )

● SUMMARY: Russia Today (RT) was a state-owned (Russian) propaganda news media operation– more correctly, a propaganda arm of the Kremlin. RT‘s editor, Maria Baranova, resigned, warning of a nuclear war and fearing her personal safety: “The problem is, I know these people very well. They never send threats, they just kill, so there is kind of [a] weird silence around me, but I really think we’re on the brink of a nuclear war right now. I’m not exaggerating.”

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: Russia’s leadership is divided. Some leaders recognize the Ukraine invasion is a disaster, using descriptive language too graphic to be repeated in this RR. Others of Putin’s henchmen have raised the prospect of using nuclear devices against innocent populations. In recent RRs, I have discussed the end-time roles of Russia (Magog) and nuclear devices in “wars and rumors of wars.” I will not repeat myself today. I subscribe to the DISH satellite service. RT was one of the channels I received. RT is now missing from the DISH channel menu. DISH, DirecTV, and Sling satellite services apparently canceled their RT contracts, and RT ceased operation.

►TITLE (DATE): United Nations Bans Use of ‘War’ or ‘Invasion’ Over Ukraine: Report (March 8, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): The Daily Wire ( https://www.dailywire.com/news/united-nations-bans-use-of-words-war-or-invasion-over-ukraine-report )

● SUMMARY: The United Nations (UN) has banned staff members from referring to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a “war” or “invasion.” Staff members may also not use the image of the Ukranian flag on any personal item or communication. If staff members must refer to the invasion, they may use the words “conflict” or “military offensive.” The UN explained its policy: “This is an important reminder that we, as international civil servants, have a responsibility to be impartial. There is a serious possibility of reputational risk….”

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: I personally suspect– as do many others– that the UN will be the nucleus for the Antichrist’s governing body during the Tribulation. By defining charter, the UN can neither promote a god nor favor one nation over another. The UN is the perfect global organization for the Unholy Trinity. By accepting all deities as equals, it accepts none. By treating all sides equally, it rejects all equally. In Revelation, chapter 13, we read that the Unholy Trinity will establish a one-world government, religion, and economy. In the twentieth century, cartoonist Walt Kelly drew a cartoon strip, “Pogo.” The main character, Pogo Possum, famously said, “We have met  the enemy and he is us.” Transferring Pogo’s eloquence to governments, we might say: “We have met our future enemy and it is the United Nations.” The United States has been transferring authority to the United Nations, and this will likely increase in the future. Consider the United Nations as the “New World Order” (NWO).

►TITLE (DATE): Syria: Israeli Air Force Attacked Near Damascus  (March 7, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): The Jewish Express

( https://jewishexpress.com/news/middle-east/syria/syria-israeli-air-force-attacked-near-damascus/2022/03/07/ )

● SUMMARY: Syrian television reports that Syrian air defense systems attacked an Israeli air incursion near Damascus and successfully “shot down most of the hostile missiles.” Two people were killed. In late February, Syrian sources reported that Israel had attacked targets in the Quneitra area using missiles launched from the ground.

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: This report verifies that Israel-Syria hostilities continue. Syria’s harboring of terrorists and demand that Israel return the Golan Heights will dictate constant animosity between the two countries. Could an accident or overreach precipitate a war between the two neighbors? The Bible clearly prophesies a horrifying future for Damascus, Syria. This ancient city will be completely destroyed in one evening (Isaiah, chapter 17; Jeremiah 49:23-27). Therefore, any clash between Syria and Israel– no matter how small– should be of interest. Also, Syria is a client state of Russia (Magog). Could a nuclear attack on Damascus be the “hooks in Gog’s jaws” which will cause him to turn toward and attack Israel (Ezekiel 38:4)?

►TITLE (DATE): With nuclear deal looming, Gantz implores world to ‘mobilize’ against Iran (March 7, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): The Times of Israel (https://www.timesofisrael.com/with-nuclear-deal-looming-gantz-implores-world-to-mobilize-against-iran/ )

● SUMMARY: In a Facebook post, Israel’s defense minister Benny Gantz vows Israel will act against Tehran (Iran) politically, economically, and militarily, “whether or not” an agreement is signed. Gantz added: “If Iran reaches a nuclear threshold [which he believes will occur in the near future], it will become even more dangerous to world peace.”

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: Russia and Iran are allies. Iran is an enemy of Israel. Sanctions had kept Iran fairly quiet recently. The Biden administration is scrambling to find petroleum imports to replace the Biden-imposed Canadian pipeline cancellation, abandonment of drilling on federal lands, and refusal to grant drilling permits in an effort to force Americans to turn to “green energy.” Escalating gasoline prices are designed to cause Americans pain and demand “green energy” as a solution, The deficit in domestic petroleum production causes record high prices for gasoline and inflation in the price of nearly every product (including food). Historically, the party in power (now, the Democratic Party) is blamed for inflation. The United States is pleading with nations who are our enemies or lukewarm business associates– Iran, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia– to export more petroleum for America’s energy needs. One concession on the table, apparently, is to relax any objections to Iran’s “peaceful” development of nuclear power. Looking to the future, Iran is called “Persia” in Scriptures. Persia is the first-listed ally of Magog (Russia) in the nations which will invade Israel in the War of Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38:5). Battle lines are being drawn for this most important end-time war.

►TITLE (DATE): Without American Renewal, Putin’s Aggression Is Likely Precursor of Troubles Ahead (March 4, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): The Daily Signal ( Without American Renewal, Putin’s Aggression Foretells of Troubles Ahead (dailysignal.com) )

● SUMMARY: Since the end of World War II, the United States has been the world’s dominant force. Marked by relative peace and prosperity, it has been an amazingly successful period for America and for the world. The author explains America’s decline and need for renewal, both for the sake of America and the world. This American renewal must include fixing America’s long-term finances, increasing American military strength, and reinvigorating American energy and manufacturing power.

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: Many prophecy scholars have taught for years that the Antichrist’s regime cannot rise, unless America falls first. Have  they been right? Are we seeing America’s fall now?

►TITLE (DATE): Twitter Suspends Representative’s Account for Saying Women’s Sports Are Not for Transgender Women (March 3, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): Christian Headlines ( Twitter Suspends Representative’s Account for Saying Women’s Sports Are Not for Transgender Women – Michael Foust (christianheadlines.com) )

● SUMMARY: U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R, Missouri) referenced University of Pennsylvania’s Lia Thomas, who swam on the men’s team for three years before swimming on the women’s team this season. Hartzler commented: “Women’s sports are for women, not men pretending to be women.” Twitter suspended her account, saying she violated Twitter’s rules against hateful conduct. (The First Amendment apparently does not extend to social media.)

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: Gender confusion seems ingrained in the modern way of life. One Website lists 112 genders. I have no idea what some of these “genders” even mean. Except for a few very rare disease states, I honor Adonai’s list of two genders (Genesis 1:27): God created humankind in His image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them. Instead of listing “what” is happening, why are we not spending more time trying to understand “why” it is happening. We need to look for the cause of this problem. Why are we now seeing so much gender confusion? Cultural influences (including public education influences)? Grooming of young people? Pollution (endocrine disruptors, xenoestrogens)? Prenatal insults? Other? Incidentally, we are all “lab rats.” Never has the human organism been exposed to such a variety of pollutants, electromagnetic radiation, drugs/ medicines, and other agents, as we twenty-first century humans (lab rats) are now being exposed. Has “science” checked all of these potentially harmful agents? Not even remotely close! We have no idea what we are doing to ourselves! Could gender confusion be one consequence? I may discuss this problem in a future RR.

►TITLE (DATE): In Putin, intelligence analysts see an isolated leader who underestimated the West but could lash out if cornered (March 1, 2022)

● SOURCE (URL): The Washington Post ( In Putin, intelligence analysts see an isolated leader who underestimated the West but could lash out if cornered (msn.com) )

● SUMMARY: As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, United States and European intelligence officials say that Russian President Vladimir Putin appears isolated and reliant on a small coterie of advisers who have not told him the truth about how difficult and costly conquering Ukraine is turning out to be. In Putin, analysts see a leader on edge, fueled by paranoia after underestimating the unified resolve of the West, and at risk of lashing out when he feels cornered. These concerns may be behind NATO’s refusal to intervene in the invasion. Putin’s military campaign, which has killed civilians and led to his order to place Russian nuclear forces on a higher level of alert, has prompted fresh requests from United States policymakers in recent days to the intelligence agencies for insights on his thinking.

● SIGNIFICANCE FOR THE BELIEVER: As the Age of Grace crashes to an end, John, Daniel, Yeshua, and other prophets warned of a world consumed by war. Putin and Adolf Hitler share many characteristics (paranoia, disregard for human life, blinding ambition, etc.). The Ukranian invasion has not gone well for Russia. Do not yet celebrate a Ukranian victory. Putin is like a wild, cornered animal. He is unpredictable and may do anything to extricate himself from the mess he created. We surely will soon enter the Tribulation. Yeshua warned how terrible this time will be. Ukranians are now sampling some of these horrors.

►►► BECOME YOUR OWN EXPERT: The Internet puts the world’s knowledge at your fingertips. From time to time, I will publish excellent sites from which you may gather information. I will start with two sites today:

Google Scholar, https://scholar.google.com . You should frequently access this amazing site. I use this site multiple times each week. Because of my background and interests, I use the site mostly to keep up with medical  advances. I also use it for non-medical topics. I have never “stumped” the site. This site is a search engine in which Google does the work of collecting articles. In Google Scholar’s search engine box, type in the words or phrases of interest, press enter, and many (sometimes thousands) articles, reports, or other documents will appear for you to choose the ones which seem to be of most interest. Start your personal research at this site.

Whatfinger News, https://www.whatfinger.com . This site is billed as “the conservative news alternative to the Drudge Report.” In my opinion, Whatfinger is not only an alternative to Drudge, it is more extensive and easier to use. The site lists dozens of links (updated daily) to current articles and videos. The news is conservative in nature. The site is detested by the mainstream media and traditional search engines (which amounts to an endorsement, in my opinion).

I reluctantly must stop, leaving many articles behind. Study to make God proud of you (2 Timothy 2:15): Make every effort to present yourself before God as tried and true, as an unashamed worker cutting a straight path with the word of truth. Paul’s “word of truth” is God’s Word. Shalom and Maranatha.

Daily Bread, reading plan by Lars Enarson (https://www.thewatchman.org/)
Sun 27-Mar-2022 24th of Adar II, 5782
Le 12:1-13:5 Isa 22 Pr 6   Ac 23 (Rev 17)