Rabbi’s Reflections – Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Rabbi’s Note:  I’m writing a special edition of the RR this morning.  The title came to me in a dream two nights ago.  My intention is that we’ll pick up our study of Romans tomorrow with Romans 15 verse 2 (part 227).  All the previous parts can be found at www.syknox.org/blog.

These Jews The World Loves To Hate

After the end of World War II, as the horrors of the Holocaust became more fully known around the world (the horrors of the Holocaust will never be fully known), out of a sense of moral obligation, the United Nations voted (more than once) in favor of the establishment of a Jewish state, and an Arab state by dividing Palestine.  This happened at least three times before Ben Gurion declared “Medinat Yisrael” (the State of Israel), on May 14, 1948.  (Go to 1:50 of this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZDSBF5xtoo&t=7s )

The speech lasted about 2 minutes because (seemingly) every significant leader in Israel had invited himself to that meeting.  If they remained together for very long they would be an attractive target for the opposing Arab armies.  The miracle of Chanukah (which begins this Thursday night) happened all over again.  https://hasbarafellowships.org/the-war-that-beat-all-odds/

Rabbi’s Note:  There are many sites on the internet today that attempt to minimize or marginalize the scope of the miracle that brought victory to the nascent Jewish nation.  This revision of history is shocking.  End RN.

Now that the Jewish nation has the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), which is capable of defending Jewish people (a majority of the world’s Jewish population now lives in Israel), the underdog label no longer applies.  Very soon, the challenge will no longer be to win the war, but to win the peace.  Hamas is in power because the 2 million residents of Gaza want them in power.  The IDF can remove them from power, but that doesn’t change 2 million hearts and minds.

The media has to show, with every news broadcast, the (seemingly obligatory) images of war torn Palestinian families night after night.  This is creating a hysteria of anti-Jewish sentiment being expressed in various demonstrations.  This year cities, around the United States, lighting Christmas trees are afraid to light matching Chanukiahs.  They are afraid they will appear to be taking sides in the Hamas/Israel conflict.

Enough of my rant.  God has something to say about this, and we need to hear it.  And don’t think it’s Jews they hate and not Christians.  They hate Christians too.  “Grafted in” for better or for worse.  Just remember, the salvation of all Israel is an important part of God’s plan.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Jeremiah 30:3 For behold, the days are coming,” declares Adonai, “when I will return My people Israel and Judah from exile,” declares Adonai. “I will bring them back to the land that I gave to their fathers, and they will possess it.”

Jeremiah 30:7 Oy! For that day is monumental. There will be none like it—a time of trouble for Jacob! Yet out of it he will be saved.

Ezekiel had a vision of dry bones coming to life, but even after that, God had to breathe His spirit upon them.  Ezekiel 37:5 Thus says Adonai Elohim to these bones: “Behold, I will cause Ruach to enter you, so you will live. 6 I will attach tendons to you, bring flesh on you and cover you with skin. Then I will put breath in you. You will live. You will know that I am Adonai.”

These are great days for the plan of God for His people.  These are great days for us, who are grafted in and grafted in again.  Shalom shalom.

Daily Bread, reading plan by Lars Enarson (https://www.thewatchman.org/)
Wed 6-Dec-2023 23rd of Kislev, 5784
Ge 38:1-30 1 Sa 13 Ps 53 Mk 9:30-50 (1 Co 12)