Rabbi’s Reflections – Saturday, October 8, 2022
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Growing in Love for God 37 by David Harwood

Let’s examine some nuances of what John described as walking in the Light.

(I)f we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another (1 John 1:7a TLV)

We know that we are called to walk in the Light. Here’s a question: Who is in the Light with us? It’s the Messiah, Yeshua, who is God Incarnate Glorified. He is in the Light.

Sometimes the same word can mean different things depending upon its context. For instance, it is plainly written that Yeshua is the Light. He told us that we are the light. Here, we read of Light as a spiritual environment. Yeshua is in the Light and we are in fellowship with one another in the Light.

Back to the very beginning of this letter, John opens the door for us to fellowship with God our Father and His Son.

What we have seen and heard we proclaim also to you, so you may have fellowship with us. Indeed, our fellowship is with the Father and His Son, Yeshua the Messiah. (1 John 1:3)

Then in verse 7 we read that this takes place in the Light.

Paul prayed that the believers’ hearts would be enLightened. We are given the opportunity to walk in the Light where Yeshua resides and interacts. This type of fellowship does take place when one enLightened heart shares the light they’ve received. The enLightened ones are those who are in fellowship with one another, the Father and His Son.

In John’s writings, spiritual Light has three aspects: life, truth, and holy morality. As regards Light as Life, in the Prologue to John’s Gospel we find that in Yeshua “was life;” “the life was the Light of humanity;” and Yeshua is “the true Light”  (John 1:4–9).

Yes, in John 1 Light may symbolize Life.

He also wrote of a morally righteous dimension of Light to which we must open up. We expose our hearts to this holiness to develop a deeper relationship with the aspect of Light that is Life. In addition, we also read of Light as Truth. This does not simply refer to truth about ourselves (or our shortcomings), it includes truth about God and spiritual reality.

As we look we find a synergy: Light, as Life, produces the capacity to embrace Light as truth and godliness. Light, revealing reality and righteousness, increases the ability to receive Light-as-Life.

Light as life, sanctity, and reality are mediated to us through Yeshua who is the Light. He experienced Father as Light, is Light, and shares Himself with us through His Ruach. We experience Yeshua as Light, and we share light (lower case light) with and through one another. This is called “fellowship.”

Receiving Light. Sharing Light.

Isaiah’s beautiful description of the Messiah’s anointing also describes the activity of the Holy Spirit within His Body.

The Ruach of Adonai will rest upon Him,

the Spirit of wisdom and insight,

the Spirit of counsel and might,

the Spirit of knowledge

and of the fear of Adonai.

3His delight will be in the fear of Adonai.

(Isaiah 11:2-3a TLV)

We are gifted with the opportunity and capacity to develop fellowship with this Spirit, the Ruach of Adonai. God relates to us through His Spirit. Paul prayed for this relational activity.

(I pray) that the God of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah, our glorious Father, may give you spiritual wisdom and revelation in knowing Him. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you may know… (Ephesians 1:17–18a TLV)

God grants illumination in response to our desire and faith. As our hearts are enlightened we become Light in the Lord and walk as children of Light with one another and the God who is, and gives, Light. Look at this record of our transformation and opportunity to grow.

For once you were darkness, but now in union with the Lord you are light. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of light is in all goodness and righteousness and truth), trying to learn what is pleasing to the Lord.(Ephesians 5:8–10 TLV)

Walking in the Light produces fruit. I know that I’m merely repeating the content of this verse, but please take a moment and consider what Light produces: all goodness and righteousness and truth.

What we receive as Light is often intended to help others in our relational spheres. Ask, receive, share. We are called to have fellowship with one another.

Daily Bread, reading plan by Lars Enarson (https://www.thewatchman.org/)
Sat 08-Oct-2022 13th of Tishrei, 5783 Parashat Ha’Azinu
De 32:40-52 2 Sa 22:1-51 Rev 15:1-4