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הנה מה תב

Hinei MaTov


We love that you are visiting with us.  Many people want to experience the Jewishness of Yeshua.  As a visitor, it would be wise for you to observe in the beginning.  Then gradually enter in as the Holy Spirit leads.  No special attire or knowledge is necessary.  Our hope is that you will feel welcome and comfortable even though the service will likely be different from one to which you are accustomed. Children of all ages are welcome and encouraged to stay with their parents for the entirety of our service.  Sometimes children become restless and need a short break.  There is an unstaffed nursery available at all times.
Our Shabbat service is 5 services in 1:
1. Praise Service
2. Worship Service
3. Torah Service
4. The Message
5. Communion

What to Expect

Helpful Terms

  • Torah: First 5 books of the Bible
  • Yeshua HaMashiach: Jesus the Messiah
  • Ruach HaKodesh: The Holy Spirit
  • Menorah: 7-branched lampstand
  • Tallit: Prayer shawl for both men & women as desired, optional
  • Tzitzit: Fringes on the 4 corners of tallit
  • Tzedakah Box: Tzadik means righteous. Where we put our offerings
  • Kippa: A head covering for both men & women as desired, optional
  • Ark: Where the Torah & other scrolls are kept
  • Shema: Foundational scripture, Deut. 6:4
  • Shulchan Adonai: Table of The Lord, Communion
We’d love to get to know you

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Have more questions? We’d love to answer them.  We have a community care team that would love to get you the answers you’re looking for and to help you get plugged into our community!

Our Address

3811 Boyds Bridge Pk

Knoxville, TN 37914


Service Time

Saturday 10:30AM

Every Quarter there is a 5th Shabbat-We do not hold services on that Shabbat.


Tikkun America

We believe in accountability and partnership. We are under the covering of Tikkun America a part of Tikkun Global Messianic Family, a network of Messianic congregations.