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Jerry and Jo Miller - Shomair Yisrael Messianic Synagogue

Jerry & Jo Miller

2022 Prophetic Word to the Congregation

As I prayed for you, I heard God say, Accelerate. Advance. Anoint.  I want you to pick up the pace as you transition. Do not lose momentum behind the scenes for I am building from within.  I am not blocking the way of advancement but instead, I am stepping up the timing. 

Press in to follow my lead.  There will be many roads but only one destination. My heart is to expose the dross and purify the waters.  Learn what it means to take hold of my altar. Press forward and explore deeper worship. It’s time.  It’s time.  Follow the cloud.  My Spirit will guide you as you press in.  But do not be afraid of taking on different elements of sound. I am drawing all generations to my light and will use all your senses to reveal myself. Come together more often as you seek me in new and deeper ways than you have before.  Do not hold back. My presence will come in waves, and you will experience the light of my countenance shining down on you as you take time and press into me in worship. And that light will shine out from your countenance into this dark world. 

I heard, “Blank page and blank canvas.  That is what I have placed before for you to fill.  An open heaven is only the beginning of all I want to do in your midst.  Gathering and pruning is what you will experience as you worship, for I am gathering the scattered. There is a generation of seekers who will find their way to you.  Embrace them and teach them about growing in purity of love that will last a lifetime. They struggle with accepting life as it has been handed to them, and they need to see for themselves that their focus is on the wrong thing.  My ways are air and light, breath and life-with-no-end, and I have place it before them.  It is up to them to choose life and accept that I am inviting them into a kingdom that has no end of the love they seek.

Continue to draw from the four corners of the city and from other sources as you build a firmer foundation of unity with the Church. This is my word to the Body in this hour.  Unity. Be gentle yet persistent as you pursue unity with each other.  It is time for my children to function together as a strong unit. The time is urgent. Keep seeking me. Unity is about to take on a whole new meaning for you all. 


I am positioning you to participate in what I am doing in the Body of Messiah in these difficult times. You have a greater understanding of what is in my heart and at the center of my will for Israel and the Body, and you will be given many opportunities to instruct others in the days ahead. It is the time to unite with those in the Body who desire to learn and to carry my message beyond their walls into places that are not seeing that my hand is on Israel, and I will expose the plans of the enemy against them. 

Prepare the ground of your hearts for deeper revelation of my being in control of all things even when things appear beyond your limited understanding.  All things hidden will take on new light.  I am exposing greater things that will reach upward.

Then the Lord led me to Is. 60:4-5, “Lift up your eyes and you will see as they gather together and come to you.  Your sons shall come from afar with your daughters at their sides.  Then you shall see and become radiant, and your heart shall swell with joy. From across the seas, they will return to you, a rich harvest from the nations shall come to you.”

I am gathering all those who have been scattered, for the purpose of shining light into the darkness they have been exposed to.  I am calling the prodigals back back as never before.  I am turning the hearts of the fathers toward their children and the hearts of the children toward their fathers on many levels.  I desire for all my children to experience the love of spiritual fathers as well as natural fathers.  Pray for many to return to my arms as I enfold them once again and that they will hear my tender voice to return home. 

Let your light continue to shine brightly on the generations.  My light is increasing on the children. The children will be coming to the forefront more and more as I pour out my Spirit on them.  Count on it and prepare for it.  They will be moving in greater power and anointing, displaying my glory, getting deeper revelation of my word, and hearing my voice clearer than ever before.  Do not hinder them. Teach them.  Encourage them. But more so, pray for them.  The spirit of Molech is on the rise and advancing.  He knows the children are a threat to his domain.  Everywhere you look, children are targets on every level. Now is the time to teach them the foundation of their faith, spiritual warfare, and how to walk in and stand firm in their faith. 

I saw teens and young adults stepping out and taking the reins of ministry.  The Lord says, I am anointing you to be involved in prayer, ministry, worship, dance, teaching, and raising up the younger children to do the work of the Kingdom.  Now is the time! Step out in faith and know I am with you. Do not say, I am but a child in the things of the Spirit.  As you seek me and learn from me, you will receive deeper revelation that you will pass on to many, especially to the younger generation.  You have been given a great task.  You will see me working more and more through you. I am revealing your gifts and the purpose for which I made you. I promise I will guide you as you grow in maturity, submitting to those leading you. Press in to know me.  Seek my face, my presence, and walk humbly before your God.  

Be careful not to be distracted and wander off the course I have set for you.  Many things will try to draw you off the path but those who remain steadfast will accomplish much.  Again I say, Accelerate.  You will advance quickly as long as you keep your focus on me.  I cannot emphasize enough how great a call I have placed on you.  Do not see yourselves as inadequate or always standing on the outside looking in.  See yourselves as I see you, strong and courageous. Do not fear. I have, and will continue, to equip you for the task before you. But remember, this call will not be accomplished in your own strength. I will accomplish what I set out to do. 

2021 Sukkot Teachings

Morning Teaching Excerpt RE: Children

By Jo Miller, 9/24/2021

God has a special call on the children now and He is working through them as never before. The Lord said to me recently, “Let the children come to me. It’s time for my Spirit to light the fire in the children in greater measure.  They stand as beacons before my throne. I shine through the children, and I desire to use them in greater measure for all to see.  Do not hinder them for they are chosen to bring my Kingdom to this world.  My Spirit fills them, and I will use them to carry my heart beyond limits.  Prepare them. Train them to hear my voice. Give them space to learn and to explore the realm of the gifts of my Spirit, healing, intercession, and love for the lost.  I am doing mighty things in the children. Do not hold them back. Encourage them to go deeper in me.”

So how must we prepare them?  A few practical suggestions:

  1. Begin by telling them about the glory that’s about to come and how they will be a part of it.  
  2. Teach them to know what weapons of warfare they have and how to use them.
  3. Teach them to know the power that is within them and where it comes from.  It is the power and glory of God that they possess, and they will see it being manifested in their lives if they learn how to recognize it.
  4. Continue to speak over them that they are chosen for such a time as this and that they can know and trust that the Lord is with them every step of the way, never leaving them or abandoning them.  But help them to understand that this is His battle and He has already won.
  5. They need to learn how to read the signs of the times, to fully understanding what hour they are living in, and what it means to “love not your life even unto the death.”
  6. Pray for them daily that the Lord will continue to prepare them for what He has for them.  

Don’t get discouraged or afraid when you see areas in your children that are rebellious, independent, disobedient, and strong-willed. He wants us to see the children through His eyes, as they will be rather than what they look like now. It’s such a temptation to see what they look like at home, and the ways they behave, and think that God couldn’t possibly use them. Like Paul and Nathaniel, our children are in God’s “preparation time”. We serve a mighty God who sees them as they are called to be and is in the process of training them. 


Keep reminding yourselves that these behavioral challenges now are just unredeemed leadership qualities God will use in their future. Ask the Lord to help you recognize their leadership qualities and then ask Him to use you to shape them and re-direct those tendencies to be self-centered so they can be used by the Lord.  Our job as moms, dads, and congregational family is to mold those unredeemed qualities into sanctified attributes God will use throughout their lives for His Kingdom purposes.  How? By lovingly re-directing or correcting them, praying with them, restraining them, encouraging them, directing their zeal, helping them discover and cultivate their giftings, and teaching them about God and how to listen for His voice. The Lord is training them to be sensitive and bold in the Spirit.

We are called to love them, discipline them, and pray continually for them. But also, sometime our greatest weapon of warfare is to take our hands off and let God do what He has to do, His way.  We need to let go and trust Him that He will fulfill His promises to us and our children. 

It is also vital that we demonstrate what we believe by living out the Word of God in our homes and congregation and show them how we relate with respect to our spouses, each other, and especially all those in authority. Scripture says to train them up in the ways of the Lord and in the end, they will not turn from them.

Be encouraged. As we travel throughout the nations and the US, we are hearing of God using children to pray for the sick, intercede for the lost, to purely share the good news and the love of God to all people.  Children have an amazing ability to walk in faith and Kingdom promises. And it’s so inspiring to see them worship, dance, and pray with total abandonment. 

But don’t be deceived.  There is a battle raging for our children.  The enemy knows how powerful they can be and is fighting to silence them and to take them out anyway he can, especially through abortion and violence. But fear not.  In Is. 49:25, the Lord says, “I will fight those who fight you, and I will save your children.” 

Contend for them. Stand firm on God’s promises.

Ps. 91 is filled with amazing promises for us all.  Declare verses 9-12 over your children every night before they go to sleep. “No harm will befall them, no disaster will come near them, for I give my angels charge over them to guard and protect them in all their ways.”  And verses 14-16 promise, “I will rescue those who love me.  I will protect those who trust in my name. When they call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble.  I will rescue and honor them.  I will reward them with a long life and give them my salvation.” 

God will empower your children to go through anything that comes against them.  In this life they will have tribulations. But do not fear. Yeshua has overcome the world and its ways. He gained the victory for us.  He will always be there when things happen to them.  He will be there when they need healing, comfort, mending broken hearts, forgiveness, and even repair any damage caused by mistakes or sin.  

But remember, we all have a part too in raising them up. We as parents and leaders should be cultivating their gifts and abilities to see, hear, and discern in the Spirit, and to read the signs of the times as the Spirit moves. Make room for them in the service. Listen to them when they come to you with a spiritual sense. 

In closing, it’s vital we understand, children have the same Spirit in them that we do, and the Lord has given them pure, unhindered spirits which enables them to develop clear vision and acute spiritual hearing as they spend time in the presence of the Lord. Their spirits are very sensitive to everything happening in the spiritual realm, good and bad. It is imperative that we do all we can to limit worldly distractions, screen time on devises, and things of the world in their lives that pull at them and tempt them.  Addictions and suicides are at an all-time high among children and teens because they are being dulled to the truths of God through social media, ungodly shows, and worldly teaching in schools. And a word about the cancel culture environment we live in, watch that we speak of fellow believers and others with whom we don’t agree with love, kindness, and respect. They are watching and listening. 


Too much emphasis is placed on training them up when they are older, more mature to fully grasp it.  God is shouting to the Body, “NOW is the time.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.”  

I felt the Lord say to me, “Within every child is a warrior.” The Lord sees that the children hold the keys to the Kingdom.  Watch what happens when they worship, strength, courage, and faith rises up in them. God is raising up a generation who will not be hindered, nor will they be bullied or silenced by the world. 

But remember, God’s promises are for all his children. Age is not a factor with God. We must all receive Him as children, purely, trusting, and in faith.  God is calling us all to be participants in His last days army. Joel 2:28 says, “I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind; and your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.” As we abide in Him, He promises to always abide with us.

He said to me recently, “I am raising up an army of warriors who have my heart and know how to display it.  They live in hope and not fear, walking in grace, power, and authority, knowing that I am carrying out my plans and purposes for this earth.  I am training them to be stewards of my presence through the Holy Spirit.  They are a people of great faith and courage, who truly believe that in me, nothing is impossible.

Word for Shomair Yisrael Sukkot 2021 as given to Jo Miller:

I felt the Lord say: Comfort my people with these words, I am placing a new banner over you that reads, “Wisdom, strength and courage.” Planting my Word firmly in your hearts is to be your focus to prepare you for what is to come.  I am pouring out my Spirit on all flesh and I am calling you to be a part of it. You are my watchmen and I have placed you on my wall to declare my word to the people. The harvest will be great, so prepare.  This assignment is not to be taken lightly for I am calling all my children to be part of bringing my Kingdom to earth in these end times with wisdom, strength, and courage.  

Keep your hearts pure and humble as I have made you to be a light in your region. I am pouring out fresh revelation of hope in your hearts so you can then take it out into the streets, where those who are in darkness can find light and hope in me.  Be encouraged. The work of my hand is being seen in you by those whose hearts are open to me. Be steadfast.  Don’t give up. Press in. 1 Cor. 15:58, “Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the works of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.” 

Be gentle yet persistent as you pursue unity.  Unity is about to take on a whole new meaning for you as a congregation. Come together and seek me in deeper ways than you have before.  Do not hold back.  I am coming to you in new ways. My presence will come in waves, and you will experience the light of my countenance shining down on you as you take time and press into me in worship. And that light will shine out from your countenance into this dark world. 

My message for all my children today is to come to a solid place of trust in what I am doing.  It has become easier to doubt my concern and think I don’t care.  This cannot be further from the truth.  Hold tight to truth and do not be afraid, for I will show my children I truly am the Rock on which they can stand and be secure.

Matt. 5:6 says, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled with abundance.” I felt He was saying, “You are a people who hunger and thirst after my presence and you will receive from me in greater measure as you continue to press in. I am living water. Drink deeply from me. I am giving you life-giving water that will never run dry. I have so much more for you all. Go deeper in me.    

Compassion is at the heart of who you are as a congregation, and I will bless you as you reach out to those in need.  Comfort those who long for a touch from me with words of life and hope.  I am calling you to carry my word out to others in creative ways that might seem foreign at first but will touch the longing of people’s hearts in new ways. 

 I am positioning you to participate in what I am doing in the Body of Messiah in these difficult times. You have a greater understanding of what is my heart and at the center of my will for Israel and the Body, and you will be given many opportunities to instruct others in the days ahead. It is time to unite with those in the Body who desire to learn and to carry my message beyond their walls into places that are not seeing that my hand is on Israel, and I will expose the plans of the enemy against them.