Partnering for Change

We believe in accountability and partnership. We are under the covering the Tikkun International, a network of Messianic congregations, and we partner with Messianic ministries in Israel & the Nations.


Tikkun International

Partnering for the full restoration of Israel and the Church.

Revive Israel

The vision of Revive Israel is to pave the way for the restoration of the kingdom of Yeshua on the earth. Our vision is based upon Yeshua’s final words to His disciples in the first century.

Tents of Mercy

Planting congregations & giving to the needy in Israel.

Harvest of Asher

A messianic Congregation of Jewish and gentile believers in Acco, Israel.

Caleb Company

Equipping the church to participate in God’s Biblical plan for Israel and its relationship to world revival.

Gateways & Beyond

Gateways Beyond International is a family of Messianic missional communities committed to sharing a lifestyle of worship, prayer and discipleship training, and outreach.

Restoration From ZION

Partnering for the full restoration
of Israel and the Church.

Joshua Aaron

Joshua Aaron is an award winning, independent singer and Integrity Music songwriter. He resides near the Sea of Galilee with his wife and 5 children and continues to maintain citizenship with both the nation of Israel & the United States of America.


HaMiflaht is a place of refuge, a sanctuary, a safe haven. It is a house, but more than a house, it is a home. It is a home that has been set up for the lonely soldiers and also new immigrants that have come to make Israel their new home.

Fields of Wheat

A planned national hospitality village in Israel dedicated to hosting God’s presence and equipping His children to bear good fruit.

Gates of Zion

Gates of Zion is dedicated to restore evangelism as a way of daily life for all true disciples of Messiah. By  equipping the body of Messiah how to bring salvation back to the  Jewish people and to all people, GOZ seeks to restore what they call “The Fellowship of the Sent Ones”.

First Fruits of Zion

First Fruits of Zion specializes in the study and teaching of Scripture from its historical, linguistic, and cultural context. Using the latest scholarship, ancient Jewish sources, and extra-biblical literature, we present a Messianic Jewish reading of the Bible and early Jewish-Christianity.

Our New Address

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